18 mths ago I was like you, standing at a crossroad. I was doing well in ways that were “normal” - but - my soul was numbing a little in the quiet.

At the same time, I had started delving into self-development, searching for answers to the big questions in life. I was feeling the pull between what I was “actually” doing and what I “could” and “wanted” to do. Know that feeling?

Long story short, I leapt from the safety of my 15 year strong global corporate career, a fresh marriage separation, and dove deep into self-discovery, spirituality and the scary trial by FIRE world of entrepreneurship. Those are just words until they actually move and shake you out of numbness into LIVING.

I get that, while you’re studying for years and repeating the mind-numbing routine everyday, to “climb the ladder”—your heart breaks a little in quiet.

I get that, while you’re building a life you don’t recognize, because it’s not the free-spirited version you imagined it would be, going from a child to an adult—your heart breaks a little in quiet.

I get that, when best friends become strangers and you stop being able to tell anyone what you’re going through, because no one will get your crazy ideas—your heart breaks a little in quiet.

And I get that, when you almost give up on yourself—because you’re exhausted from the never-ending-ness of it all, and you stop being the vibrant and radiant person you once were —your heart breaks a little in quiet.

Our hearts are all breaking in quiet every day, in all different ways. Our soul wants us to remember who we are and that freedom and fun is what we were born into.

The journey has led me to right here.

Awakened. Living life and business by design, not default.

Living location free, currently in Bali with a mission and passion to lead others to unleash their inner gangsta and build their vision, using this amazing, powerful, free tool called the internet.

I have an INSATIABLE hunger to help others ground into living their ultimate vision, out loud in full living colour.

It’s your turn. You choose and create your own standards. Remember?

I love you.

Robyn Xa







Write to me at robyn@robynnikora.com