March 13, 2017
May 4, 2017

Soon after I landed in Sydney to connect with my flight to the Gold Coast this morning, I received a personal call from someone who was hurting
In a whole lot of emotional, mental and physical pain
Heartache, grief, fear and tears

Amidst their frustration, they lashed out at me
Even though I knew their frustration was triggered but not caused by me, I felt my wall go up as I have zero tolerance for conflict, especially after a red eye flight with freezing cold aircon and no blanket lol
(or if you’re an Indonesian taxi driver trying to rip me off, then I am known to let it rip)

You can feel that a person’s out-lash at you grants you the permission to let your ego serve it back, but there is already so much healing when you release the need to ‘win’ and see others’ pain for what it is:
Pain, not Personal.

It’s also tempting to turn the other corner… dish some of our ‘worldly wisdom’ 🙄
Like the sun shines out of our fine ass, as if we have all our shit together and there’s only ever rainbows and unicorns!
Y’know, try to cheer them up with those famous words that people just cannot choose to see,
Or Refuse to see:

“It could be worse” (even though rightly, their situation actually could be so much worse)

Giving a piece of our mind is not always the answer
More often we need to just give a piece of our heart.

As a high performance coach, it is easy and natural to want to tackle personal calls at the same laser results pace and way as you do your own mindset work because you KNOW it breaks through FAST and creates life changing results.

Resultants, Coaches, we have got to be just as effective as a friend and feel into our relationships, pouring love and empathy into our conversations as it may be the biggest missing link to their healing that they are not giving themselves. Going into solution mode is not always as much needed as just being a loving friend who listens is.

They apologised for lashing out and although I may have deserved the apology,
I couldn’t help on my connecting flight to the GC to look within, to my own behaviour and what I’d learned from this conversation … which I’ve shared some of with you already.

Sometimes we fuel fights just to ‘win’, when the fight is not our fight.
It’s often the struggle of the other person that we adopt and misinterpret as our own.
Don’t take their pain personally.

Let the urge to win and the urge to be wise,
Be purged by the urge to give and be Love ❤️🙏🏽

“There is no fear in love. But Perfect Love casts out fear”
~1 John 4:18 

The location free lifestyle and business is not all banana hotcakes and coconuts!
Sometimes it’s looking at the helluva mess on your bed and working out what you have hoarded between countries, so you can declutter before boarding the plane again!
Same goes for the amount of internal shifting of old that does not serve you,
Releasing that to make space for the new!

I’m so excited about what’s happened the last month in my time between Australia and Bali.
There’s been SO MUCH and I’m so grateful for all of it –
The constant adventure,
reconnecting with my ex,
inner child soul work,
diversion to cocktails,
aunty and niece time,
more cocktails,
focus on vision,
and one of my favourites of course … steamy sex and sensuality
That all describes the hot mess of contradiction that I am
Welcome to my world!
It’s Exciting AF!!


Now I’m about to board the plane to the Gold Coast to celebrate the 40th birthday of the person who was my nearest and dearest during my high school years.

He was the one who made me feel like everything was gonna be ok, during the most tumultuous time of my life … when my parents split up
He was the one who was there for me, no matter what
I love him so much!💖
Who is gangsta enough to have their birthday in May, but make their birthday party in October?🙄
Matai is! 😎😂

Straight from there I’m heading to New Zealand to welcome my first cousin’s first baby into the world!
Definitely won’t be in the front row seat for that 😂, but I’m SO happy to share so closely with her and her patient and kind husband 😂and my aunty and uncle’s joy!!!
I am the best babysitter in the world after all, despite not ever changing a nappy

I love being an aunty and it’s the most awesome thing being able to hop on a plane to see friends and family without asking a boss if I can!!

Then I’m heading to Los Angeles to lead the second Be Your Brand Academy with Regan and the RHI team.
Landing the first one in September in Melbourne was amazing, and to be doing it again in LA is like whaaaat!!!
I knew while I was looking out the windows of the corporate ivory towers that I was meant to do more and my soul was right!

It’s such an exciting time in my life and whilst I could keep this all to myself
I love and feel a deep conviction to share the Naughty, the Nice and the Necessary!!!
All. of. it.
I choose to share because I believe it is a disservice to play small or in default position, fear of what others MIGHT think or drowning in “worst case scenarios” 🙄 (none of which you’re going to DIE!!)😂
It’s just as important to show you the freedom that comes with making lifestyle and career change
as much as it is to ignite the change, and share with you HOW to make it ✌🏽✈️🌎

If you’ve also made the switch and have gone from the 4 bedroom house with 40 cushions for all seasons and 2 cars
Down sized to suitcases and a laptop living location free business and life, and you LOVE the adventure and freedom that comes with being a modern day gypsy
Comment “I love my modern day gypsy life” too!

… better get on that plane now!!
See you on the other side
Robyn xx

#locationfree #moderndaygypsy #ownyourvision

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