November 10, 2017

I was a habitual waiter
Waiting in traffic jams
Waiting to finish work
Waiting to lose weight
Waiting for the next holiday
Waiting for the weekend
Waiting for the relationship to get better
Waiting to be more important
Waiting to have a better job
Waiting to have the time
Waiting to have more savings
Waiting for the person to pay me back
Waiting for the next promotion
Waiting for the magic sign
Waiting for the boss to stop being an asshole
Waiting for everyone else to get their shit together
THEN and only then, I would give myself permission to do what my soul was dyyying to do…

To STOP WAITING to do what would nourish my inner free spirit, mind and body.

We’d rather wait around and deprive ourselves in favour of feeling sure about something, than we would make the change

We’d rather wait for the conditions to be perfect in favour of not making a risky mistake that may leave us looking a fool

We’d rather wait for a person to give us back our power, rather than take responsibility for the choices we make

We’d rather wait for infinite years of counseling to break the generational curse, rather than have courage to take a step forward to the other side of fear

We’d rather wait for the future to be here, rather than living in the present moment

We’d rather wait for the external conditions to change, rather than break our relationship with them to satisfy what our inner soul is ready to rock and roll and do now

WAITING IS A STATE OF MIND. Waiting is the shortcut to uncertainty. It is the thief of joy and with every kind of waiting, there is a missing out on quality of life and opportunities that are showing up for you right now.

What we don’t realise, is that “certainty” was never something you wanted, until the day you forgot what you DID.

Stop waiting to start living.

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