March 13, 2017



In the latter years of my marriage, I learned a few things about honesty the hard way.

I’m not talking about endurance with lies or the heartache that came with the breaking of truth and trust.

I’m talking about the feeling of me needing to lie to MYSELF, sugar-coating my reality and pretending I was ok with placing my immediate needs and long term vision on hold while I wait for more “perfect” conditions to land in my lap, like a dance with Channing Tatum.


At the end of the day, we are 100% responsible for our own happiness and we are the only ones who hold ourselves back.

Not our partner. Not our job. Not our families.

And well, you know:

Faking happiness and contentment is not preserving yourself, it’s killing yourself.


Honesty is not nearly as important from your relationships, as it is to be honest with yourself.

And that’s why a part of me hates honesty, because it means you gotta GET SO REAL with yourself and the real reasons you are holding yourself back from everything you ever wanted!


So, once I got over the initial grief of separation, my journey with guilt for not only wanting intimacy and pleasure, but craving it more than an icey cold beer on a 40 degree day, began.


Although it may look on the outside like a bit of fun and games, by revealing that I joined Tinder recently, as if it’s been an easy change to transition into dating after separation, it definitely wasn’t a quick or easy decision.


It was a decision that needed to be made though ‘cos well, to be honest (just for a change)

A highly driven woman like me, and all the other driven women in this world KNOW

When she is not hustling herself, she wants


To be taken

To be turned on

To be dominated and

Screwed the fuck down to the point of LOSING So much CONTROL

That even the neighbouring hotel guests are knocking the wall to tell you to shut up!


I could go deep, fast on what a driven woman needs in a ‘relationship’, but for the sake of getting the point of *this* post out I will keep it at the core message being to Surrender to E V E R Y desire of your mind, body and soul and not feel guilty about of them!


Resisting to surrender and receive in one area of your life will block you receiving in other parts.

So if you’re holding on to your sacred knickers with guilt (like I was)… know this:

Pleasure hates contraction.

Get fucked.



Let go.

Have a good time.


The truth is, matters of the body are connected to matters of the mind and of the soul.

So when one area of your life is blocked, it should be no surprise that other areas are blocked too!




All of it.

It is in your nature as a perfectly healthy, driven woman, to bring yourself FULLY Alive and if you’re not giving yourself permission in THIS area of sex and sensuality, I can almost guarantee you’re not receiving in other areas – least of all, your business.

When you unblock your resistance to doing what your body, your mind, your soul is calling for, you will bring your vision into FULL living colour.

Now how would that feel for a fully FuckYes life?

To be able to say FuckYes “outside” of the bedroom!

It is your nature as a healthy woman, to bring yourself FULLY Alive with your vision by giving FULL permission to accept, love and allow ALL OF YOU to receive and give

Full freedom to radiate

Full freedom to create

Full freedom to penetrate life and let life penetrate you to conceive and give birth to EVERY desire of your heart.

Every single part of you is worthy of love and acceptance

And there is nothing sacred about keeping yourself, to yourself.

So darlings, let’s quit pretending that our body should not receive as much pleasure as we receive in every other part of our life that we give so willing and generously to.

Let’s quit contracting in any areas of our life that our soul knows, it needs and wants to expand.

Let’s start opening up to receive more FuckYes’s in our whole life and in our whole business.

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Ps. This is a snippet of what I’ve written in my new book, launching soon. Comment “I surrender” if you’d love a copy.


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