May 4, 2017
November 10, 2017

Far out I’ve had a few scary, proud, vulnerable, revealing, kinda screaming type successful moments this week but one of the many ‘breakthroughs’ I’m sooo grateful for and buzzing out about right now, is the trust I was given to restructure a certain THING and the result of that!!

I keep my clients’ projects 100% hush BUT it’s just really sunk in 24 hrs later, that this is the biggest win I’ve created since breaking into my online Resulting and Coaching business. So I’m celebrating this shit out loud in full living colour!

I have restructured and reengineered a tonne of processes, systems, teams and products in my corporate career, but I don’t ever remember feeling the way I do about this particular one, being for a serial entrepreneur with a vision so big they are not fucking around!!😊

Never mind the additional $480k in NEW revenue that will be generated in the next year – I’m even more excited to experience what is going to transpire BEYOND that cos baby, this is just the beginning!!!

The plan, the IMPACT and RESULTS are LOCKED IN and LOADED!! So ridic excited and I know my friends will be happy for me cos you’re all just sweet like that!

At the end, or should I say the beginning of your day and week, set your intention to get out of your comfort zone (financially, physically, energetically, every whatever way!) cos For Real – that’s where All the magic happens!!

The cost to have me create this? Change the question: what is your investment and vision worth to you?

Send me a message and let’s talk. B ut ONLY if you are scared and serious about your vision. I only deal with people who have no plan b for bringing their vision into FULL Living Colour!

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